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Our assessment recognises that each child is unique, and with our individualised assessments we can help identify students' diverse learning styles, strengths, and needs.
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Dear Parents,

Do you have children between 3 - 7 years old and you notice that they are facing any of these problems?

  • My child cannot read or spell
  • My child's teacher commented that my child cannot keep up with the class
  • My child has no confidence or any interest in reading
  • My child has learnt phonics but is unable to read or spell
  • My young child seems to be developing slower than his peers
  • My young child cannot recognise the english alphabet
  • My young child writes letters in reverse images
If any of the above describe your situation
, We believe we can help.

Weekly programme that strengthen your child’s language skill in a very small, customised group that fits/suits the child’s pace.

Through our programme, your child will experience surprising progress:

  • Being able to read and spell
  • Be more capable, confident and independent
  • Be resilient
  • Ready for primary syllables

Customised / Specialised Curriculum

Very low ratio

Updates/Feedback after Every Lesson

Videos and Pictures of each lesson

Ready To Get Started & Unlock Your Child's Potential?

We provide both English and Chinese classes with a small ratio of 1 to 4 teachers. The personalised attention received by the student will allow the teacher to better understand the specific needs, strengths, and challenges of each student, enabling them to provide tailored instruction and support.

What Parents Say About Us

I truly appreciate Arty Learning Team, Teacher Michelle, Teacher Amanda, Teacher Felicia and other teachers who had put in effort to guide, and coach Alyssa with patience! It has been a wonderful journey with all of you! The creativity and passion of teaching amazed me! You guys have been a great help in assisting parents! Keep going and shaping the children's growing mind! Thank you so much!
Andy Ng
It has been a wonderful journey with Arty Learning. My daughter has been with Arty Learning since the start of last year and we could see her progression after each lessons. Thanks for making the class so interesting with all the craft works they had brought home and grateful for keeping the class ratio small so our children have the attention of the teachers.

Shout out to Teacher Naz who has been a wonderful teacher to Zi Qing! Always happy to hear her delightful voice 🙂

Definitely going to send my 2nd child to Arty learning when she is ready!
Liying Goh
Sending my child to Arty learning was the best decision made. My son could read and spell very well at a young age which gave him a good head start that boosted his confidence level. His friend’s parents were impressed and commented he was a good speaker. Arty learning provides engaging activities and it’s never a boring lesson here. I would recommend this school. Big shout out to my son’s favorite Teacher Naz! Thank you for your patience towards him.
Jac Liu
Since July 2022, my son has been attending lessons at Arty Learning, and it has become one of his favourite activities. We've had a great experience so far, and we plan to continue sending him there until he graduates. Prior to enrolling him, we were uncertain about his reading skills as he was not forthcoming with us about what he learned in school. However, since joining Arty Learning, he eagerly shares with us what he has learned, and the teachers provide detailed updates about his progress, which is highly informative for parents. We highly recommend Arty Learning!
Rebecca Loh
My boy was unable to read even towards the end of K1 and we enrolled him at arty. Within 2 months, he started reading. His ability to spell also improved by leaps and bounds. We are thankful to the teachers who have taught him at arty.

Arty provided the lowest teacher student ratio I’ve ever seen for enrichment classes. We also received videos and feedback after every lesson. They went the extra mile because they want each and every child to learn. This by itself made arty stood out amongst other schools.

Thank you for teaching Cayden!
Cheryl Huang
5 Stars for Arty Learning - a very good center for young children to start learning how to read and write words, sentences, and even passages.

We got to know about Arty Learning by word of mouth and decided to give it a try since people around me (not one but more than one) have raved about it. I was a great choice.

Arty has a small class size and good updates on my kid's progress. It is a small class of 4 kids to 1 teacher, so there is good attention and interaction with the teacher. After each session (within the same day), the teachers will upload photos and videos of phonics concepts learned in class. From there, we are able to know the learning progress of my girl and revise concepts when necessary.

We also believe that kids should learn through play. The teachers at Arty Learning are very young and interactive. In an enjoyable setting, my girl picked up phonics very quickly. She enjoys talking to the teachers and she looks forward to every Arty class and even doing the homework given.

I strongly recommend Arty Learning to any parents looking to nurture a strong interest and foundation in the English Language in their children.
Xinni Lin
My daughter, Sonia started her journey in Arty Learning since she was three years old. The teachers are patient and knowledgeable. For the curriculum, the lessons are interesting. I go through the clips and practise with Sonia weekly. Not only Sonia, I have also benefited and better my pronunciation. In the blink of an eye, Sonia has now graduated. We hope that we can continue to send Sonia back for refresher courses/camps. Thank you so much and keep up the good job Teachers! See all of you soon! 😊
Mable Xiao
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