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English Course

English Enrichment Class

With our small ratio emphasising on quality time, each student will receive more personalised attention from their teacher. This allows the teacher to better understand the specific needs, strengths, and challenges of each student, enabling them to provide tailored instruction and support.

We believe learning should be fun for all! 

All our teachers are specially trained by our curriculum specialist. They are skilled in analysing specific needs, strengths and every challenge that each student faces. 

Parents’ involvement in a child’s learning journey is crucial.

We take Videos and pictures of every student and deliver them to parents through our very own Arty Parents’ Portal. Conveniently developed to reinforce learning while enhancing parents’ involvement. 

Regular communication with teachers provides a supportive environment for learning and can contribute to academic success. By showing interest and actively participating in their child's education, parents instil a positive attitude towards learning and help to encourage children to strive for excellence.

In our English Enrichment Class, children will embark on an exciting journey to enhance their language skills and foster a deep love for the English language. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and creative projects, students will develop their vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and communication skills. Our experienced educators will guide them in exploring various literary genres, analyzing texts, and expressing their thoughts articulately. From honing their comprehension abilities to refining their storytelling prowess, this class is designed to provide a holistic approach to English proficiency. Through a blend of educational games, multimedia resources, and collaborative exercises, children will not only build a strong foundation in English but also gain the confidence to navigate the world of words with enthusiasm and confidence.

Arty Believer

Designed for children beginning their English alphabet journey.

Focuses on enhancing fine motor skills and pencil grip through engaging activities.

Main objective is for children to recognize the entire lowercase alphabet from a to z while also fostering interaction and social skills.

Arty Dreamer

Focuses on beginning sounds, word association, and independent writing skills, all of which are crucial for enhancing children's language development and literacy abilities.

Provides a solid foundation for young learners to confidently move on towards the next stage and fosters a love for learning through the fun activities provided.

Arty Pursuer

Designed for children who already possess a strong foundation of the letter sound and independent writing skill

Focuses on cultivating essential skills like independent reading, blending, and spelling.

Will gain the confidence and preparedness to excel in primary school English, building a solid foundation for their language abilities and future education.

An excellent opportunity to enhance their learning journey and ensure they are well-prepared for the next level of education.
Waiting List

Our children are placed into classes according to their language ability and not by standard educational age.

(Therefore we may ask you to bring your child down for a FREE observation/assessment, only if we have available and suitable slot; based on your waitlist questions answered)

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